Alpaca quilts are luxuriously soft due to the smooth surface of the fibre. This combined with superfine 100% cotton sateen casing makes Kelly & Windsor alpaca quilts beautifully soft, snuggly and whisper quiet.

Benefits of Alpaca Quilts:

1) Lightweight and comfortably warm - Alpaca fleece has a semi hollow core and is very thermally efficient which means that the quilt need not be heavy to be warm.

2) Moisture absorbent -The Alpaca fibre naturally absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and warm in winter and cool in summer.

3) Natural and Chemical Free - Alpaca fleece is a very clean fibre and our quilts are manufactured without the use of environmentally damaging chemicals.

The Australian Alpaca Barn sells 2 ranges of Kelly & Windsor Quilts:-

1) Alpaca Gold - 100% Pure Alpaca Quilts

2) Alpaca Classic - 60% Alpaca / 40% Wool fill

A new Alpaca & Bamboo range will be available to order online soon, if interested in this product line please call one of our stores for more information.

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