The ultimate indulgence in sleeping comfort…100% pure Australian alpaca quilts.

The exclusive Alpaca Gold quilts are comfortably warm, light weight and luxuriously soft. This combination is all due to the unique qualities of alpaca fleece; a smooth and lustrous fibre surface and a semi hollow core which traps air to provide outstanding warmth without weight.

Alpaca Gold quilts offer the perfect combination of a natural chemical free alpaca fleece, optimal moisture absorbency to keep you dry and warm, without the weight.

Alpaca Gold quilts are encased in a superfine 100% cotton sateen fabric of the finest quality with a luxurious drape to enhance the softness of the alpaca fleece filling.

The Alpaca Gold quilts are available in three weights - 600 gsm (super warm), 500 gsm (winter) and 300gsm (mid season / summer).

Also now available in a His & Hers Alpaca Gold quilt, perfect for those couples where one is a “hot” sleeper and the other is a “cold” sleeper. This dual weight quilt has different filling weights on each side (500 gsm for the “cold” sleeper and 300 gsm for the “hot” sleeper).

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