Kelly & Windsors original alpaca quilt, the Alpaca Classic quilt collection is a premium range, being exceptionally soft, lightweight and warm.

The Alpaca Classic quilt collection has set a new and higher standard in restful sleep and comfort. By skillfully selecting and intimately blending two of nature's finest fibres: 60% Australian alpaca fleece and 40% Australian downs wool, and then quilted between a superfine sateen cotton casing, the result is a uniquely lightweight quilt that is comfortably warm and beautifully soft.

Alpaca fleece is highly moisture absorbent; an essential feature in all high quality quilts, to optimize sleeping comfort by being dry and warm. Naturally clean and flame retardant. Alpaca Classic quilts are available in two standard weights 450gsm for winter and 300gsm for summer/ mid season to suit individual sleep needs.

Now also available in a His & Hers Alpaca Classic quilt, perfect for those couples where one is a “hot” sleeper and the other is a “cold” sleeper. This dual weight quilt has different filling weights on each side (450 gsm for the “cold” sleeper and 300 gsm for the “hot” sleeper).

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